Without Website Traffic You WILL Fail Online.

It may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. You can have the best website and the best product in your field, but guess what..?

…You won’t make a cent without traffic!

Traffic is the life-blood of your business and you need a steady flow to keep your business alive.


What is (SEO) Search Engine Optimization important?









Get Instant exposure and fast ROI with PPC (Pay Per Click).

Not ready to spend a few thousand rand per month on your online business and would rather like to take it slower? We totally understand. Target 15-30 carefully selected keywords or phrases and watch your website start to generate great sales or leads.


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Best value for the money if you are not competing with tens of millions of websites for your targeted keywords.


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Is your niche very competitive? Want to push your competition to the bottom and take over their traffic and sales? Look no further! Extremely effective SEO website ranking plan.


The most aggressive SEO plan for very large websites.
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Is your niche very competitive and have a very large website that needs lots of pages ranking well? This is the right SEO plan for your business. We will find the right keywords to focus on with each of your product pages and get each of them ranking high in the search engines.


SEO Packages Starter – Pay Per Click Small Business SEO Business Pro SEO Enterprise SEO
OnSite Optimization
Once Off Setup Fee
Up to 4-6 Ad Groups – R1200
More Ads required? Contact us
R2250 Once-Off R2250 Once-Off R2250 Once-Off
SEO Consulting
Keyword Research
Website Ranking Analysis  
Site Structure Analysis  
Competitor Analysis
Google Analytics Setup  

Google Webmaster Tools  
Sitemap Submission  
Search Engine Submissions  
Google Places      
Monthly SEO Maintenance   10 hours 20 hours 30 hours
Link Building Service  
Links to your Links  
No. of Keywords/Phrase
15 – 30
3 – 6
6 – 12
12 – 18
Improve Ranking on
Google Places
Monthly Ranking Reports  
Tweek/Improve Ad Campaigns      
Split Testing Ads      
Improve Cost Per Click      
Campaign Reports      
Manage Adwords Billing      
  R 450.00 pm
(Google Credit Not Included)
R 4950 pm R 9900.00 pm R 14850.00 pm


How long will it take to rank my website #1 in Google?

It very much depends on how competitive your market is and how aggressive the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan you chose. On average you are looking at between 7-12 months. It's a long term investment to receive huge amounts of free exposure for your business once you achieve top ranking on page #1 of Google for your keywords.

Tracking and ROI

With all SEO clients, Choice Hosting will send you monthly ranking results so that you can track your website ranking. Let the results justify your investment.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is about applying certain techniques to help a website get found by Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The primary aim is to get your site to appear on the very first page of results in a search engine when a particular phrase is typed in.

The best possible outcome would be to have your website appear as the top result on the first page, as this will give the site maximum exposure to potential customers.


PPC (Pay Per Click) vs. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Although getting traffic via Pay Per Click does give your business exposure almost immediately, it can get rather costly when you have to pay for each visitor the clicks on your ad in the long run.  PPC is still the best way to launch a business online and get instant exposure, not to mention great if you don't want to spend a few thousand Rand each month on SEO campaigns. However the amount of traffic that you will receive to your website doesn't even compare to the amount of exposure you get when your website ranks high in the organic search results by making use of SEO.

Search Engine Ranking


Now have a look at the "Click Heat Map" to see where internet users are clicking most:

SEO Ranking Heatmap


Google Traffic Distribution

As you can see, it's a no brainer which of these online marketing methods gets you the best results.


SEO Explained

This process can basically be broken down into 2 main components:

On-Page SEO = These are steps that you can take to make the pages on your website easier for search engines to find and categorize. They are things that you apply to your website to let the search engines know what your site is all about.

On-page SEO factors include things like page title, meta tags, header tags, keyword density, alternate image text, site structure, and internal linking. Since you only have to do this once for each page on your site, it is often the easiest part of any SEO campaign.

Off-Page SEO = Sometimes referred to as “link building”, these are steps that you can take to increase the reputation of your site in the eyes of the search engines. While it is actually a much more complex system, the simplified explanation is that the more backlinks you have from various other sites, the more the search engines will value your website.

People will always justify choosing SEO as their traffic generation strategy by saying that its free… Well I hate to break it to you, but there’s no such thing as “free” traffic – ever!

No matter what you choose to do, it will always cost you something – whether it’s your time and effort, your money, or something else (perhaps even your sanity!)

If you don’t want to be spending money, you will need to invest a hell of a lot more of your time – if you don’t want to be wasting all your time doing SEO, then you’ll need to invest money into a team, some strategic tools, or a combination of both. Even then there is still a lot of room for error.

Like it or not, that’s the truth.

Time is money, so save your time & money.

Here is a great video explanation on how Google results work: